Habit Change Course

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Learn how to create lasting, healthy habit change with weekly lessons & assignments, a collection of books written by our coaches and industry experts, and personal coaching consults.

Throughout the course, we teach actionable tactics that help you avoid getting overwhelmed when facing hard situations, define and structure an end-goal to maintain clarity, break big problems into smaller, more achievable chunks, and create a routine that allows you to build confidence and gradually level up in all pursuits. We then apply these frameworks in the context of seemingly big challenges:

  • Building Self-Confidence
  • Maintaining Health through Diet and Exercise
  • Financial Independence
  • Personal and Professional Relationships

Take your first steps toward action and building healthier habits in just 3 weeks using the tools, frameworks, and schedules we set.


Book 1: Coach's Corner

: Book of Life Lessons

Build Stronger Habits in 21 Days

Book 4: 15 Rules of Life: How to Break Out of Your Shell

Living Life with Health and Wellness

Change How You Think

Lessons on Building a Business

You'll also have access to any books we publish in the future.

$24.99 a month

Habit Change Course